Project Accomplishments

Mrs. David R. Johnston had a 700-acre undeveloped site in Southwest Charlotte which needed substantial work to realize its full potential. She recognized the need to bring in an experienced partner to handle the complex development issues involved with this project. MPV Properties predecessor, Merrifield Partners, partnered with her to accomplish the following:

  • Negotiated the design and early completion of the Arrowood Road/I-485 interchange with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)
  • Designed and built the four-lane, 1.5-mile Arrowood Road Extension through the project
  • Master-planned and rezoned the property with development rights for 4,000,000 square feet of commercial space and 2,200 residential unit
  • Established Whitehall Wetlands Conservation Area for the benefit of the Catawba Land Conservancy
  • Developed approximately 800,000 square feet of investment property for the partnership
  • Established protective covenants and architectural controls for the property

Result: Whitehall has transformed the Southwest Charlotte area and provided a focal point for its businesses and residents. At the same time, Mrs. Johntson received three times the initial undeveloped value of the property.