The Mecklenburg Times recently reported that Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement, along with other government services, would move to the former Charlotte School of Law building, located at 2145 Suttle Avenue, as part of their “Bringing Mecklenburg County to You” initiative. Mecklenburg County purchased the 100,000 SF Class A office building and plans to relocate several administration services to improve both customer service experiences and County employee working conditions. The property also provides a central location with sufficient access for both vehicle and public transportation.

MPV Properties developed the building in 2007 as the initial redevelopment project for Bryant Park, prompting other new development in Bryant Park, such as the adjacent Invest Collegiate Charter School. Jim Merrifield and George Macon of MPV Properties managed this sale and continue to direct the future development for the remaining 9+ acres within Bryant Park.

Mecklenburg County Code is expecting to open its doors on January 4, 2016. Learn more about the “Bringing Mecklenburg County to You” program here.

The Mecklenburg Times: Code Enforcement to move in January