Farmington Ridge Parkway ribbon cutting ceremony Rick German cuts ribbon with developers in line

Harrisburg, NC (October 2022) – City and Town officials, as well as contractors and the developer recently gathered to mark the completion of the new Farmington Ridge Parkway with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the site. The new road runs from Rocky River Road and connects through to Caldwell Road.

Farmington Ridge Parkway ribbon cutting audience listening to speakers

The completion of the road marks the first major milestone completed on the highly anticipated project, Farmington, a master planned mixed-use development in Charlotte and Harrisburg, NC. The road is officially open, along with 10-foot walking paths that run aside the road.

Town Manager, Rob Donham, has been impressed with the project and shared, “MPV has been an incredible partner to work with on this project. We are very excited to bring such high-quality mixed-use development to this area of Town and could not have accomplished it without the public-private partnership we have and top-quality contractors, development partners and Town staff executing the project.”

Farmington Ridge Parkway ribbon cutting Jim Merrifield gives a speech under a white tent to audience

Now that construction has commenced at the shop building along Rocky River Road, the next focus will be on the Village Center—the commercial buildings located around the roundabout along Farmington Ridge Parkway. From the road, in addition to the shop building, passersby will see construction also begin on the Chick-fil-A, and a H.T. Fuel.

Farmington Ridge Parkway ribbon cutting three Harrisburg officials a man and two women
Farmington Ridge Parkway ribbon cutting Jim Merrifield shakes a Duke Energy representative's hand

“We are very pleased with the progress being made on site. With the home builders moving on their communities and with the coming work on our first shops building, a lot of interest is being generated in the Harrisburg and surrounding community,” said Jim Merrifield, managing partner with MPV Properties.

Farmington Ridge Parkway ribbon cutting Charlotte and Harrisburg officials lined up in front of ceremonial ribbon

Taylor-Morrison, TRI Pointe Homes and Woodfield are the builders committed for the residential portion of the project. Robbie Adams and Joey Morganthall of MPV Properties are responsible for retail leasing, George Macon is leasing office, and Mike Chatham is handling the hotel site.

All photos are courtesy of the Town of Harrisburg.